{POTD} Summer Stock Sunday #7

Sometimes cooling off in your own back yard just isn’t good enough.  There are times when you have to venture into the city or in our case the next village over to find some relief from the hot days of summer.   This photograph was taken last summer at the water park in Joshua Tree.  You can cool off with buckets on water being dumped from overhead or as my son demonstrates here in this picture, you can cool off your shorts from below.

Cooling off in the desert.

Cooling off in the desert.


{POTD} Summer Stock Sunday #5

Time for another Summer Stock Sunday

The days of summer are quickly heating up.  Just over 100 degrees outside right now and its just about 6:21pm here in California.  And summer has just begun.  I think its time for me to find the swim suit and join my son and his friend in the kiddie pool out back.

Wishing everyone a scent-sational Sunday!

Boys playing in pool

Close up of CJ

Close up of CJ

Tyler splashes

Tyler splashes

i heart faces: Vacation Get-a-Way

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Ah, what a trip this was. The weather was unusually hot. At 3am in the morning the temp was still hovering around 95 degrees. I was sleeping with a wet towel on me to try and keep cool. We did have a fun time though, as you can see from some of the pictures.

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