Blog Hop – Favorite Kid Photo 7/28/2009

Welcome all you Blog Hoppers to my This Desert Life {in pictures} blog!

I hope that you are enjoying your time in the blogosphere.

If you’re part of the Blog Hop then you already know that this week’s Theme is Favorite Kid Photo.  I have to say it was hard to choose a photograph that I have not already displayed here on my blog.  If you look around a bit, you will see that I love Photography with a capitol P.  You can see some on my work displayed here in this post.

One of my goals with my blog besides sharing my life in the desert is to help others learn how to take better photographs.  Just the other day I wrote a post on Summer Vacation – Telling Your Story.  Here are some other helpful photography tips as well in this post.

Without further delay, may I present one of my favorite photographs.  This is my son CJ and that’s his daddy holding him when he was about 6 weeks old.  We went camping in Joshua Tree National Park for the weekend with my cousin and her family.  Naturally with a baby we we’re the first ones up and I just happened to have my film camera in hand when CJ displayed this wonderful smile no I don’t believe it was gas.

Well I am off to do some Blog Hopping of my own now.  Don’t forget to leave a comment as I will be leaving many a comment for all the other blogs I visit on this week’s Blog Hop.  And if you’re not already part of the fun, there is no better time than now to start having some fun.

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{POTD} Wordless Wednesday

Walking about the neighborhood some time back, I came upon this empty lot and my eyes were drawn to the “Keep Out” posted on the joshua tree.  My first thought was that there was nothing there to go in to.  And then it dawned on me that the birds who call that joshua tree home must have posted it.  So there you have it, my Wordless Wednesday, complete with about 100 words or so.

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Monochrome Weekly

This is my second week participating in the Monochrome Weekly Theme.  I have been purposely shooting some photographs in black and white this past week.  Now don’t get me wrong, I love photographs with colors that just burst out at you.  But there are times when a subject just calls for the dramatic touch of black and white.  The contrast between light and dark.

Sawed Off

Sawed Off

Earlier this past week I was at our local park when I noticed that the maintenance workers had recently sawed off one of this tree’s limbs.  It provided a nice contrast.  And I love the shape of what was left behind.  You can read the age of the limb by the rings left behind.

Have you tried taking photographs in black and white?  And it doesn’t count when you take a color photograph and take away its color.  The true art of black and white photography is when you look for subjects that have those high and low contrast qualities.  So I challenge you to go out and photograph in black and white and share your photographs with the rest of us over at Monochrome Weekly.  I look forward to seeing your images.