Virtual Worlds

Last week I attended PDN’s Virtual Tradeshow from the comfort of my own computer.  It was pretty cool to visit the Vendor Exhibits and attend presentations online.  No need to travel and you can press Pause whenever you need a break.

Today as I am browsing online I happened upon Canon’s Canon Camera Museum.   There is lots to view here in this Virtual Museum.  I browsed through the history of the different cameras that Canon has produced over the years.  Cameras sure how changed over the years.

Canon AE-1 Program Camera

Canon AE-1 Program Camera

Then I stepped into the Technology Hall and I quickly found myself memorized by the tour through the Virtual Lens Plant.  I got to see how they make the EF 500m F4L USM Lens from start to finish.  This is a serious lens.   Seeing how the lenses are made gave me a better understanding on how they work.

While visiting the Canon Virtual Mesuem you can also check out their line of Film Cameras, Digital Camcorders, Movie Cameras, and of course their infamous Digital Cameras and Lenses.

I am sure I could spend many hours before my computer visiting each of the halls: Camera Hall, Design Hall, Technology Hall, and finally the History Hall.  But I have other things to do at the moment, like go out and take some more pictures so I can get paid.  Please feel free to visit the museum yourself and let me know what you thought about it.

Now I wonder if Nikon has a similiar Exhibit Hall…