Blog Hop – Favorite Kid Photo 7/28/2009

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I hope that you are enjoying your time in the blogosphere.

If you’re part of the Blog Hop then you already know that this week’s Theme is Favorite Kid Photo.  I have to say it was hard to choose a photograph that I have not already displayed here on my blog.  If you look around a bit, you will see that I love Photography with a capitol P.  You can see some on my work displayed here in this post.

One of my goals with my blog besides sharing my life in the desert is to help others learn how to take better photographs.  Just the other day I wrote a post on Summer Vacation – Telling Your Story.  Here are some other helpful photography tips as well in this post.

Without further delay, may I present one of my favorite photographs.  This is my son CJ and that’s his daddy holding him when he was about 6 weeks old.  We went camping in Joshua Tree National Park for the weekend with my cousin and her family.  Naturally with a baby we we’re the first ones up and I just happened to have my film camera in hand when CJ displayed this wonderful smile no I don’t believe it was gas.

Well I am off to do some Blog Hopping of my own now.  Don’t forget to leave a comment as I will be leaving many a comment for all the other blogs I visit on this week’s Blog Hop.  And if you’re not already part of the fun, there is no better time than now to start having some fun.

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{POTD} 06/17/09

Yesterday while at the park I found some beautiful subjects just begging to be photographed.  I was able to capture a few photographs before my son touched something that hurt him.  He claims the water lid on the ground was hot but as I got closer to inspect, I found a few bees buzzing around.  So I had to end my photo session with the Rose’s and take CJ home for some finger TLC.  He is just fine now.  Now evidence of a bee sting.

I am really loving my new camera.  It was so worth the expense and selling my two other cameras to help finance my passion.  I am finding it so much easier to control the camera and get exactly what I want out of it.  And I am proud to say that the only photo editing I have been doing is a little cropping and applying different tones to pictures for effect.

Ruby Red Rose

Ruby Red Rose

Like you see here in today’s Picture of the Day.  The first picture is an original.  I have done nothing to it what so ever.  And then the second photograph I applied an “Old Photo” effect to the picture.  Just a unique change.

Ruby Red Rose Old Photo Edition

Ruby Red Rose "Old Photo" Edition

So tell me readers, which version of Ruby Red Rose do you prefer?

{POTD} 6/16/09

It’s been quite a day.  Better than yesterday, though I am posting to my Blog rather late today.  In fact, its almost Wednesday.  And there were no themes for today that I participate in so I had to find a picture.  I decided to grab my camera and my son and we headed to the park early this evening.  We both had fun, him playing with new friends, and I was content snapping some candids and composing a few photographs.

So as I sit here at my computer, listening to music to drown out the background noise, sifting through the 100 plus pictures I took today.  And there it is, the picture of the day.  How happy my son was to go to the park twice today.  Just him and his new friends swinging in the afternoon sunshine.  Made for quite a moment.

Shadow Play

Shadow Play