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A few months ago I started working on a Mother’s Day gift project for my mother.  I created a scrapbook for her with pictures dating back to 1951.  It was a gift that brought cheerful memories to surface once again.  Over at Shutter Sisters, Karen shared one of her childhood memories that was very touching.  As we get older, we cherish those sometimes forgotten memories until something stirs them back to the surface.  May you cherish special memories today!

Wishing you a scent-sational Friday!

Picture of the Day 05/14/09

Three Sisters circa 1952

Three Sisters circa 1952

For Mother’s Day this year I embarked on a venture to make a special scrapbook for my mother.  As I was going through the old photographs I came across these two.  The one above is my mother (lower right) and her two older sisters, Norma and Donna.

Ironically some twenty years later another picture is snapped of three girls.  The daughters of the three sisters pictured above. That’s me in the lower middle, and my two cousins Michelle and Debbie.

These pictures just highlight one of the many things I love about photography.  You can preserve one moment and many years later capture a similar moment for all to see.

Three Cousins circa 1972

Three Cousins circa 1972

Picture of the Day 5/13/09

Happy Mothers Day - love CJ

Happy Mother's Day - love CJ

Mother’s Day morning as I quickly scarfed down breakfast before our road trip, I opened a big beautifully decorated envelope from my son CJ, who is 5.  Inside was a set of portraits taken at the school. Never even knew this pictures were being taken.

Now the business side of me can see what a great selling technique this is, what Mom is going to refuse to keep a set of pictures of their child so lovingly presented on Mother’s Day.  Then there is the loving Mother side of me who has to live on a strict budget to make ends meet and is scrambling mentally on how to pay the $45 required to keep this Mother’s Day gift from her son while showering him hugs and kisses for such a wonderful and thoughtful gift!

Picture of the Day 5/10/09 – Happy Mother’s Day

Typical I am forced to stay in bed until my family has cooked breakfast which is served to me in the comfort of my own bed.  Then I am showered usually with homemade gits from my children.  That was not the case this Mother’s Day.  My hubby had committed us to an early wake up to travel across the desert to Hesperia, California, to assist his brother with a “little kitchen makeover” project for their mother’s kitchen.

So breakfast was a quick bowl of cereal and then off to the showers.  30 minuts later we were ready to roll.  Unfortunately my oldest daughter was ill with a nasty upper respiratory infection so I made her stay home and get some rest.  If I knew how the rest of the day was going to end, I would have stayed home with her.

A rose for Mother's Day

While the boys starting discussing the project at hand, I grabbed my camera and ventured outside where the fun was.   The only flowers received by me this day where the ones I photographed in my MIL’s garden.  And the only fun being had was by the youngest of grandkids playing in the water.   Though I did enjoy trying to capture the moment.

CJ hoses LilJ

CJ hoses Lil'J

Our day ended just before 10pm (though we still had at least an hour drive home).  Once the kids were done playing outside, I joined my hubby and brother on the kitchen remodeling project.  I guess you could say I was the Peacekeeper for the day.  A typical job for a mom!