Quick Tips for taking good pictures

I love seeing all the pictures my friends will post on various social networking sites I subscribe to.  But why do people post pictures that are too dark and you can’t see the people or the picture is really blurry and out of focus.  So to all you picture posters out there, I offer you a few tips on taking better pictures.

  • Get Down.  (and I don’t mean “get down and boogie!)  With kids and pets you can take some great photos if you get down on their level.
  • Use a plain background (if possible).  A busy background can be quite a distraction when viewing the finished picture.  If you do have a busy background try to keep it out of focus.
  • Use the flash outdoors.  The flash will light up the front of your subject if there is not enough light (sunset) or when there is too much light and the sun is casting a shadow on your subject
  • Get Close (make sure you brushed your teeth.)  You want to fill the viewfinder or LCD screen with your subject.  Either zoom in or physically get closer.
  • Lock the focus.  To do this, focus on your main subject, press down the shutter button half way and hold, get your whole picture lined up and then press the shutter down all the way
  • Read the instruction manual.  (No brainer, right?)  Many cameras are built and marketed with proprietary features so get to know all that your camera can do for you.  Spend an hour or so reading and trying out the various functions.
  • Indoor pictures.  Don’t point your camera at a window with lots of sunlight coming through.  Your camera’s flash won’t trigger because of the bright light and again your subjects will be left in the dark.  Either override the autoflash and/or move yourself so that you are not pointing the camera at the window.
  • If you are outside, do your friends a favor and don’t face them into the sun when you are taking a picture.  They will be sure to squint and this could ruin the picture.
  • Firmly plant your feet on the ground.  That is about a foot a part,  and hold the camera with 2 hands.  This will reduce the chance of blurry pictures.