{POTD} Photo Edits

Last week I finally got Pse7.  Costco had an awesome deal that no one could beat.  Try $49.  Last night I finally had the patience to sit down and try an editing technique I have admired in other photographs.  Selective coloring.  It was rather easy and I learned it works best on solid objects.

Then Laura over at dolcepics invited her readers to play with a photo and edit away.  I was in an editing mood so I decided to join in.  Here is the original.

My played version.

This photograph was edited in Photobucket.  At first I was going to turn the entire photo old but then the idea of fading the old into the present inspired me.  Like your seeing the tractor as it once could have been and how it is today, all in the same photograph.

If you would like to join What’s Your Play? then click on over, grab the original and show us your editing skills.

{POTD} Monochrome Weekly

For Monochrome Monday I offer up this framed joshua tree for your viewing pleasure.  If you would like to view other monochrome photographs, then click on over to Monochrome Weekly’s home or if you would like to submit one of your own for our viewing pleasure.

{POTD} 59th Place

59th place ain’t first place but it’s not last place either.  A few weeks ago I entered a Photography Challenge over at the Digital Photography Review website in the Deserts category.  Yesterday afternoon when my son and I returned from our trip to the Library, I had an email telling me that my Entry received 59th Place.  I was just over at the website reviewing all the other entries and realized that there were only 66 Entries total.  So I may not have won the voters over with my photograph this time, at least it was good enough not to be the one the voters liked the least.

The Trail of the Joshua Tree

The Trail of the Joshua Tree

If you haven’t already entered my First Giveaway to celebrate July Birthdays, click on over to learn how to enter.  Entries will be accepted until July 8th at Noon.  Well that does it for me tonight.  I am off to go get some much needed sleep as we have a holiday weekend before us and lots to do.  I hope that everyone has a scent-sational Fourth of July.  Be safe!

Monochrome Weekly

I am a day late with my contribution to Monochrome Weekly.  At first I was stumped as to what photograph I wanted to display this week.  Overnight while I was working on building my photography website it came to me.  And on my way home this morning after dropping my daughter off at the bus stop I remembered what I was going to post.  So here is my belated Monochrome Weekly photograph.