Location, Location, Location!

It’s true that Location really does matter.  On the topic of location, I am Guest Blogging for the Bumbles while they are traveling on vacation.  You can read my blog post here about how I convinced them to add Joshua Tree National Park to their list of places to visit.

I have another location issue to share with you my readers.  I am in the process of moving my blog to a self hosted WordPress blog located here.  So be sure to bookmark it and subscribe to the new feed so that you don’t miss any of my wonderful photographs.

That’s all I have to say for now.  But make sure you click on over to the Bumbles first.  Have a scent-sational day!


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Blog Hop – Favorite Kid Photo 7/28/2009

Welcome all you Blog Hoppers to my This Desert Life {in pictures} blog!

I hope that you are enjoying your time in the blogosphere.

If you’re part of the Blog Hop then you already know that this week’s Theme is Favorite Kid Photo.  I have to say it was hard to choose a photograph that I have not already displayed here on my blog.  If you look around a bit, you will see that I love Photography with a capitol P.  You can see some on my work displayed here in this post.

One of my goals with my blog besides sharing my life in the desert is to help others learn how to take better photographs.  Just the other day I wrote a post on Summer Vacation – Telling Your Story.  Here are some other helpful photography tips as well in this post.

Without further delay, may I present one of my favorite photographs.  This is my son CJ and that’s his daddy holding him when he was about 6 weeks old.  We went camping in Joshua Tree National Park for the weekend with my cousin and her family.  Naturally with a baby we we’re the first ones up and I just happened to have my film camera in hand when CJ displayed this wonderful smile no I don’t believe it was gas.

Well I am off to do some Blog Hopping of my own now.  Don’t forget to leave a comment as I will be leaving many a comment for all the other blogs I visit on this week’s Blog Hop.  And if you’re not already part of the fun, there is no better time than now to start having some fun.

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{POTD} Sky watch Friday #53

This past weekend I had the opportunity to practice my skills at Night Photography.  An almost full moon was just coming over the horizon in the distance as I looked out my front door before going to bed.  What I saw inspired me to grab my camera and delay crawling into slumberland. 

This is one of the better shots I was able to capture.  The clouds helped make for a more interesting photograph.  You can see movement in the clouds since I had the shutter set to 30 seconds in order to allow enough light in to capture the photograph.  I have to say I had lots of fun practicing Night Photography.  I think I will have to venture into Joshua Tree National Park sometime soon so I can get a way from town and cars passing by.




To see more photographs from Sky Watch Friday participants or to submit your photograph, just click on over with the banner here    AG00090_

{POTD} Skywatch Friday

Well today I have been recovering from my crazy day yesterday.  It was my daughter’s 16th birthday.  To celebrate I took her and two friends to Disneyland.  They had a great time while I was poolside with my son at my prnts house.  The drive home at one in the morning and then doing a few chores when I got home {taking out the trash cans for pick up} really took it out of me.

I have seen a few bloggers I subscribe to participate in a theme called Skywatch Friday.  I decided to participate this week since I actually had some recent photographs of the sky.  I walked outside the other night just as the sun was setting and ws able to photograph the moon rising out over Joshua Tree National Park.

{POTD} 59th Place

59th place ain’t first place but it’s not last place either.  A few weeks ago I entered a Photography Challenge over at the Digital Photography Review website in the Deserts category.  Yesterday afternoon when my son and I returned from our trip to the Library, I had an email telling me that my Entry received 59th Place.  I was just over at the website reviewing all the other entries and realized that there were only 66 Entries total.  So I may not have won the voters over with my photograph this time, at least it was good enough not to be the one the voters liked the least.

The Trail of the Joshua Tree

The Trail of the Joshua Tree

If you haven’t already entered my First Giveaway to celebrate July Birthdays, click on over to learn how to enter.  Entries will be accepted until July 8th at Noon.  Well that does it for me tonight.  I am off to go get some much needed sleep as we have a holiday weekend before us and lots to do.  I hope that everyone has a scent-sational Fourth of July.  Be safe!