{POTD} Sun bathing Flowers

Its been a little over a week now since I originally took this photograph.  I had originally captured this photograph in color with my digital camera.  But once I got back to my digital darkroom (aka my computer) I realized how stunning this photograph would be in black and white.  What makes this photograph stunning in a monochrome tone is how the light falls on the photographic subject, the flowers. 

The sun was just beginning to rise as I snapped this photograph of the flowers.  You can see shadows on the ground as well.  Areas of light and dark are what you want to capture when composing a good photograph in monochrome.  After doing a little cropping and adding a frame, I knew I wanted to save this photograph for release on a Monday for the Monochrome Weekly blog meme. 



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{POTD} Wordless Wednesday

Walking about the neighborhood some time back, I came upon this empty lot and my eyes were drawn to the “Keep Out” posted on the joshua tree.  My first thought was that there was nothing there to go in to.  And then it dawned on me that the birds who call that joshua tree home must have posted it.  So there you have it, my Wordless Wednesday, complete with about 100 words or so.

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{POTD} All Photographs are Monochrome {Weekly}

Since the beginning of Photography, photographs have been recorded in black and white.  Originally, a photographer would open the lens and expose the film to light.  The film would simply record areas of light and areas of no light.  It wasn’t until the recorded image was processed in the darkroom that color would be introduced onto the photograph.   This still holds true for digital cameras today.  The sensor inside your digital camera, like traditional film, is also sensitive to light.  When you press the button on your digital camera, the shutter opens and exposes your pixels on your sensor to light.  The sensor then assigns a value (1-256) to each pixel to indicate the brightness of the scene captured through the lens. 


Understanding how my camera records what I see has helped me to better understand how to photograph a good black and white photograph.  Through my new found knowledge, I am looking at scenes through my lens in a whole new light (pun intended.)  Just this past week we had some monsoon storms pass through the desert and weather is always an eye catching image to photograph, at least for me anyways.  Here is one of the photographs I composed for my submission to Monochrome WeeklyTell me what you think.



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{POTD} Sky watch Friday #53

This past weekend I had the opportunity to practice my skills at Night Photography.  An almost full moon was just coming over the horizon in the distance as I looked out my front door before going to bed.  What I saw inspired me to grab my camera and delay crawling into slumberland. 

This is one of the better shots I was able to capture.  The clouds helped make for a more interesting photograph.  You can see movement in the clouds since I had the shutter set to 30 seconds in order to allow enough light in to capture the photograph.  I have to say I had lots of fun practicing Night Photography.  I think I will have to venture into Joshua Tree National Park sometime soon so I can get a way from town and cars passing by.




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{POTD} Ruby Red Tuesday Style

Sitting at my computer late Monday afternoon, I’m reading blogs via Google Subscriber and I start reading blogs about Ruby Tuesday.  Oh snap!  People are blogging about Tuesday and I haven’t even given a thought to Monday nights dinner let alone take something o of the freezer.

As I rummage through my pantry, the first thing I see are canned goods.  Dark red kidney beans, tomato sauce, diced tomatoes.  Do you see a theme building here.  I’ve got all the makings for some Taco Soup.  Normally I opt for the no cooking options during the summer when its 103 degrees outside, but my family loves this recipe so Taco Soup it is!

Slow Cooker Taco Soup ready to cook

Slow Cooker Taco Soup ready to cook

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Click on over to see more Ruby Red Tuesday offerings

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{POTD} Skywatch Friday

Well today I have been recovering from my crazy day yesterday.  It was my daughter’s 16th birthday.  To celebrate I took her and two friends to Disneyland.  They had a great time while I was poolside with my son at my prnts house.  The drive home at one in the morning and then doing a few chores when I got home {taking out the trash cans for pick up} really took it out of me.

I have seen a few bloggers I subscribe to participate in a theme called Skywatch Friday.  I decided to participate this week since I actually had some recent photographs of the sky.  I walked outside the other night just as the sun was setting and ws able to photograph the moon rising out over Joshua Tree National Park.