Picture of the Day 6/05/09

Today has been a day of challenges.  First there was the Friday Fix It.  Then trying to decide what to post as the Picture of the Day.  And finally it was Crazy Hair Day at my son’s school.  Its somewhat hard to do Crazy Hat Day on a boy who gets his head shaved with a guard.  Then I thought back to my days in high school and all the crazy things I used to do.

Then the solution came to me.  MASCARA!  It used to drive my mom crazy when I would walk out of the house with colored streaks in my hair.  Then I had my “aha” moment of the day.  I culd use a picture of my son with a streak of black mascara in his hair as my Picture of the Day.

Picture of the Day 5/13/09

Happy Mothers Day - love CJ

Happy Mother's Day - love CJ

Mother’s Day morning as I quickly scarfed down breakfast before our road trip, I opened a big beautifully decorated envelope from my son CJ, who is 5.  Inside was a set of portraits taken at the school. Never even knew this pictures were being taken.

Now the business side of me can see what a great selling technique this is, what Mom is going to refuse to keep a set of pictures of their child so lovingly presented on Mother’s Day.  Then there is the loving Mother side of me who has to live on a strict budget to make ends meet and is scrambling mentally on how to pay the $45 required to keep this Mother’s Day gift from her son while showering him hugs and kisses for such a wonderful and thoughtful gift!