{POTD} New Blog Header

The dawning of Wednesday morning is upon me.  The only thing I have to show for my late night of working is this new header I created for my Blog.  I am no different than other bloggers in my quest to showcase my individuality on my blogosphere real estate.  I am rather happy about my creation.  The only thing I am unhappy about is my ability to implement my changes into the CSS Editor here on WordPress.com.  Perhaps a good night of sleep and a few hours of uninterrupted time at my computer would assist me in my quest for I am too broke to hire someone to do it for me and determined to add another self taught label to my name.  Am I even making any sense?

Well my loyal readers, I ask for your feedback on this new Blog header.  What do you think, honestly?  I look forward to your valued opinions upon my return to the blogosphere after a much needed nap.  G’nite!