Learn Digital Photography FREE

If you are interested in learning digital photography or perhaps you want to improve your skills as a digital photographer, there is a 4 week course on Digital Photography being offered over at Creative Tech Tips.  The course begins on July 15th {a Monday} and goes till August 5th.  The course is being taught by John Greengo from the PBS series “Art Wolfe’s Travels to the Edge.”

Last month I was fortunate to be on a live Webinar with Art Wolfe.  Art was kind enough to share some wonderful photographs from his portfolio from his travels and offered many wonderful tips and insights.  I can only imagine the John will be just as captivating as Art was.

I am really looking forward to this series.  But this series won’t happen unless they get 1,000 people to sign up for the course.  I have no affiliations with any of the links I have provided today.  I am just someone who has a passion for photography and I want to share with it others who also have a passion for photography.  So click on over and get signed up for the Webinar.

Just thought I would share

Thursday I took a day off from trying to redesign my blog.  I have decided that I will probably move my blog over to WordPress.org so that I have more creative control.  So I spent my Thursday clearing out some closets and putting some stuff up for sale on ebay.  So if you are looking for some boys clothes size 24m to 5T check them out here.   Or perhaps you are looking for a unique gift for a friend or family member – may I suggest a custom electric simmer pot.  Looking for something crafty for Christmas.  I have a collection of cross stitch kits available as I can no longer do them because of arthritis in my hands.  Or perhaps photography is your thing.  I have a couple of lens available and some 52mm filters up for grabs as well as a camera bag.  Speaking of bags, I am selling one of those Buxton organizing bags.

Happy shopping my friends!

It’s Here!

As I sit here at my desk researching information on Credit Unions for another Blog of mine, I hear the crunch of footsteps through the dry decaying desert weeds.  Could it be?  I jump up with childlike excitement on Christmas morning and race to the door to meet my Santa Claus for the day.  I anxiously wait for him to draw closer, eyeing the package in his arms.  He scans the package with his handy technology then requests my signature.  Oh ow the anticipation is building as he finishes his task and then hands me my package.  The excitement bubbles within me threatening to burst at any moment.  “Bless you for delivering my package and have a great weekend!” I shout to the man dressed in purple and black.

SLAM! goes the door.

I flick on the lights as I race into my office.  “Quick, where’s the scissors.” Turning I reach for the weapon of choice and gingerly slice through the brown tape.  Glorious things have been known to arrive in brown wrapping and today is no different.  Quietly it waits to be lifted out of its dark cocoon.  The Rebel box emerges into the light of day for the very first time Like a Virgin.

With kid like gloves I begin to unravel the parts within, handling each and every piece as if I were a surgeon transplanting a heart.  First, the source of all power must be energized.  While waiting for the rejuventing process to be complete…STOP!

How the frell do I insert the memory card?  Ah, that is how it is done demonstrates the instructor manual.  OK, time to attach the lens.  Cool beans, that was easy.  Battery charged yet?  Nope!  Ok, guess I can look like I am learning from the instructor skimming the manual as I place the security device around my neck strap.  Hold on a minute, I paid how much for this camera and the strap is cutting into my neck less than a minute in.  I don’t think so.  Quickly I race through my favorites on Etsy, there she is, my Shutter Sister Jessie, who makes custom camera strap covers.

Ok, so the camera strap is ordered.  Probably will take a few days.  Battery is still not charged.  Damn! Guess I am stuck listening reading to the instructor manual until the battery is charged, all the while reading and commenting on all the blogs of friends that I subscribe to.

More updates photographs to follow as they happen!

Kewl Props

As I was going about my day, socializing on the web (what else is a SAHM supposed to do all day) with my fellow iheartfaces.com sisters, I heard the buzz about a kewl website called Prop Insanity.  Babies are so precious to photograph and adding some kewl handcrafted props is a must have.   And to make my day even better, there is a Give-a-Way for $40 worth of merchandise over at Prop Insanity.  Me heart Give-a-Ways!

So here are a few items I would heart to get (images courtesy of  Prop Insanity)

Charbridge Sack Hat - The Blues

Charbridge Sack Hat - The Blues

And this…

Bubble Girl ~ Snowflake Cap - Pink

Bubble Girl ~ Snowflake Cap - Pink

Gott get this one too..

Charbridge Co. Upsy Daisy ~Pink

Charbridge Co. Upsy Daisy ~Pink

And since I live in a town with many military families, this is a must have…

Charbridge Jester Hat - Flag

Charbridge Jester Hat - Flag

I can hardly wait to get my new camera and start taking pictures of some precious babies.

<center><a href=”http://www.iheartfaces.com/”><img src=”http://www.livinglocurto.com/wp-content/uploads/2008/12/smallbutton.jpg”/></a></center&gt;

So if you haven’t already entered the contest over at iheartfaces.com, then I suggest you do as it is an easy contest to enter.  But before you go, let me know which one of these beanies is your favorite.