{POTD} What is Lazy Eye?

As we are bombarded with Back to School advertisements, I think back to a year ago when CJ was all excited to be starting Kindergarten.  Finally he would get to go on the school bus like his big sister.  He was even excited about going to the doctor little did he know his excitement would soon turn to tears from vaccinations.  But something else came to light as he was getting his Kindergarten physical.  He was having trouble seeing the Eye chart.  At first I thought it could be all the nurse’s walking in front of him as he tried to make out the shapes or the impatient nurse trying to administer the exam. Considering both my daughter and I wear glasses, I decided to take him to the eye doctor.  Better safe than sorry.

We soon learned that CJ has Amlyopia or commonly known as “Lazy Eye”.  I have a cousin who has a severe lazy eye but I never really noticed it on CJ until the Optometrist pointed it out.  Then I noticed it all the time.  The Optometrist recommended a pair of glasses for CJ, an Eye Patch and some Vision Therapy.

While doing my research on Vision Therapy and eye patches, I learned that traditional eye patches are devices that are taped over the child’s good eye.  And can sometimes be difficult to remove because of the adhesive.  I thought to myself there has got to be a better product out there.  Because as a Mother I know, that if there is pain involved, the child is not going to be too willing to wear it.

So I kept searching through countless pages on the Internet.  Page after page held the same type of traditional eye patches.  Until I came upon Anissa’s Fun Patches.  A Grandparent invented a unique but simple eye patch for her Granddaughter, Anissa.  This eye patch slips over the arm of the glasses and onto the nose piece to block the vision in the good eye.  No adhesive is needed whatsoever.  Credit Card in hand I order a five patches.  I was quite pleased with the product.  And they even sent CJ a Christmas card and a Free eye patch in December.

There are days when I still have to fight CJ to wear his patch, but this is an easier battle than what I would have been fighting had he had to wear the traditional eye patch.  And here is the puzzle we completed tonight as part of his Vision Therapy.

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As I was reading through my Subscribed Blogs Reader, I stumbled upon a new blog, one that had a Purpose.  A few moments of quiet as I read and the reflected a while longer.

Just last week I spent some time reflecting on my life as my daughter turned sixteen.  It was a bittersweet moment as it was also a reminder to me that it had been almost sixteen years since her father passed away.  She became my Purpose for living at that moment, more so than when she was born.

A few years ago my Mother gave me a wonderful handmade book entitled “Thoughts to Share with a Wonderful Daughter” and there is a passage I wish to share with you.

Daughter, You are in My Heart Forever

The first time I held you in my arms and you wrapped your tiny hand around my index finger, I felt my heart swell with immeasurable joy and pride.  I knew that my life had been touched in a miraculous way that would transform every dimension of it forever.

From the moment you were born, you became the focal point of my existence.  Your smile was the sunshine in my heart.  Your happiness was the only treasure I sought.

And so began the great paradox of parenthood.  For when your tiny hand touched mine, I knew that I had been chosen to nurture you, love you, and then give you the strength to let go.

Letting go is not easy.  But I look at you now – a beautiful young woman, strong in your convictions and determined to face life on your own terms – and I still feel my heart swell with pride and joy.

My dreams for your life might not always be the same ones you seek.  But one thing remains the same, your happiness will always be my greatest treasure.  I know now that the true miracle of that first touch lies in one simple truth: even though your hand may slip away from mine, we will hold each other in our hearts forever.

Nancy Gilliam

I am blessed to not only have my daughter of sixteen years but also a son who will soon turn six.  My children are my Purpose.

Click on over to GaribaySoup Blog to reader more inspirational stories or to share one of your own

Click on over to the GaribaySoup Blog to reader more inspirational stories or to share one of your own

{POTD} Thursday’s Thirteen

Sixteen years ago at this very moment that I am writing this post, I was in labor.  Yep, giving birth the natural way.  No epidural for this first time pregnant mom.  10 years later when it came time to deliver my second child, I was singing a different tune.

So much has happened during the past sixteen years and since today’s blog meme is Thursday thirteen, I shall demonstrate those changes through my photographs.

#1  This is Matthew, my first husband.  He was so thrilled to be a “Daddy”.  He would be so proud of the young woman his daughter is becoming.  Sadly, he died just 10 weeks later.

Daddy proudly holding his daughter for the first time.

"Daddy" proudly holding his daughter for the first time.

#2  This is my Aunt Norma holding Victoria for the first time.  This was indeed a special moment as they share a birthday always and forever.

Happy Birthday Aunt Norma!

Happy Birthday Aunt Norma!

#3  This is Victoria Skye crawling around on her first birthday.

Happy Birthday Tori!

Happy Birthday Tori!

#4  This is one of my favorite photographs of my daughter.  She hated crawling on the grass.

#5  I love the sparkle of complete happiness and surprise in Tori’s eyes as she celebrates her 4th birthday.

#6  My daughter used to be such a “ham” for the camera when she was little.  Nowadays she runs for cover.

#7  Back in the days when she didn’t care what she looked like or who saw her playing in the ocean, clothes and all.  These days she primps her hair while still in the pool.

#8  The funny side of Tori.

#9  This is Tori and her cousin Jessy a few years ago when we vacationed at Cottonwood Cove.

#10  Making friends and staying on the right side of the law.

#11  Havin’ fun at school.

#12  This is Tori and her boyfriend Ryan.  They have been dating for over a year now.  He really is a nice guy.

#13  My baby girl is no longer a baby.  She has turned into a fine young lady that I am very proud of.   Happy Sweet Sixteen, Victoria Skye Reiser.

{POTD} My strong Little Man

Ok so a few people have noticed by commenting on some of the pictures I have been posting the last few days.  I must confess that I found a digital scrapbooking site that I am totally lovin’.  No mess to clean up and so many design ideas are available at the click of a mouse.  Speaking of mice, I still have two trips to Disneyland and some scrapbooking to do of those trips before we go again here next month.  While I go dig out my actual scpbooking supplies, please enjoy this page I created of my son CJ.  Wishing you a scent-sational weekend!

{POTD} 6/16/09

It’s been quite a day.  Better than yesterday, though I am posting to my Blog rather late today.  In fact, its almost Wednesday.  And there were no themes for today that I participate in so I had to find a picture.  I decided to grab my camera and my son and we headed to the park early this evening.  We both had fun, him playing with new friends, and I was content snapping some candids and composing a few photographs.

So as I sit here at my computer, listening to music to drown out the background noise, sifting through the 100 plus pictures I took today.  And there it is, the picture of the day.  How happy my son was to go to the park twice today.  Just him and his new friends swinging in the afternoon sunshine.  Made for quite a moment.

Shadow Play

Shadow Play

It’s Here!

As I sit here at my desk researching information on Credit Unions for another Blog of mine, I hear the crunch of footsteps through the dry decaying desert weeds.  Could it be?  I jump up with childlike excitement on Christmas morning and race to the door to meet my Santa Claus for the day.  I anxiously wait for him to draw closer, eyeing the package in his arms.  He scans the package with his handy technology then requests my signature.  Oh ow the anticipation is building as he finishes his task and then hands me my package.  The excitement bubbles within me threatening to burst at any moment.  “Bless you for delivering my package and have a great weekend!” I shout to the man dressed in purple and black.

SLAM! goes the door.

I flick on the lights as I race into my office.  “Quick, where’s the scissors.” Turning I reach for the weapon of choice and gingerly slice through the brown tape.  Glorious things have been known to arrive in brown wrapping and today is no different.  Quietly it waits to be lifted out of its dark cocoon.  The Rebel box emerges into the light of day for the very first time Like a Virgin.

With kid like gloves I begin to unravel the parts within, handling each and every piece as if I were a surgeon transplanting a heart.  First, the source of all power must be energized.  While waiting for the rejuventing process to be complete…STOP!

How the frell do I insert the memory card?  Ah, that is how it is done demonstrates the instructor manual.  OK, time to attach the lens.  Cool beans, that was easy.  Battery charged yet?  Nope!  Ok, guess I can look like I am learning from the instructor skimming the manual as I place the security device around my neck strap.  Hold on a minute, I paid how much for this camera and the strap is cutting into my neck less than a minute in.  I don’t think so.  Quickly I race through my favorites on Etsy, there she is, my Shutter Sister Jessie, who makes custom camera strap covers.

Ok, so the camera strap is ordered.  Probably will take a few days.  Battery is still not charged.  Damn! Guess I am stuck listening reading to the instructor manual until the battery is charged, all the while reading and commenting on all the blogs of friends that I subscribe to.

More updates photographs to follow as they happen!

{POTD} 6/12/09

CJs Kindergarten Diploma

CJ's Kindergarten Diploma

When my son got home from school yesterday (Thursday) he was all excited because they (the kindie’s) got to eat lunch outside with all the big kids and play on the “big kid” playground, which he told me he is no longer afraid of. Where has the time gone!

Seems like only yesteday I was sweating through pre-term contractions while watching some lame action flick at the local drive-in theater with six weeks to the delivery date.  Flash forward back to reality and my last baby is moving up the school ladder to first grade.  They will celebrate this momentus occasion in an untraditional way.  No Pomp & Circumstance for these kindie’s!  It’s all about running wild and loud through the school sprinklers and then the teachers in their infinite wisdom will supply the children with various sweet treats and ice cream just before their departures from school on the bus.

I am so thankful to NOT be a school bus driver.  I can only imagine my worst nightmare the chaos the screaming and bouncing in the seats that will being going on during the ride home.   Rest assured my son will still be amp’d on sugar and the sheer joy of summer vacation beginning by the time he arrives home.  As my friend Giggles likes to say, “Bring on the little blue pill!”

I want to wish everyone a scent-sational weekend!

Picture of the Day 6/05/09

Today has been a day of challenges.  First there was the Friday Fix It.  Then trying to decide what to post as the Picture of the Day.  And finally it was Crazy Hair Day at my son’s school.  Its somewhat hard to do Crazy Hat Day on a boy who gets his head shaved with a guard.  Then I thought back to my days in high school and all the crazy things I used to do.

Then the solution came to me.  MASCARA!  It used to drive my mom crazy when I would walk out of the house with colored streaks in my hair.  Then I had my “aha” moment of the day.  I culd use a picture of my son with a streak of black mascara in his hair as my Picture of the Day.