{POTD} from Scott Kelby’s 2nd Annual World Wide Photo Walk

Desert Greetings one and all.  Today I had the privilege of participating in the World Wide Photo Walk and met a collection of wonderful people.  We gathered as the sun rose in Palm Desert, California at 6am.  The temperatures were already in the upper 80’s and steadily climbing.  We finished our first half of the Photo Walk just after 7am and the sweat was already taking over.  Next stop on the Photo Walk, Starbucks – just 4 blocks up the road by motor vehicle.  Yes we wimped out and sought the cooling comforts of air conditioning.

Once inside we took over a hallway on the way to the facilities.  Seven of us sat down with coffee and got to know one another.  Amongst us we had a lawyer from Santa Monica and her mother from Palm Desert.  A grandfather from Sun City.  A writer from the LA Times.  A student (sorry I didn’t catch where she was from.)  And once again I was reminded of how small of a world we sometimes live in, a teacher from Yucca Valley (where I currently call home).  I say its a small world because this teacher taught my daughter six years ago while in Elementary school. 

I enjoyed getting to know this collection of people who share my passion for photography.  I am looking forward to seeing the works of art they captured on our brief walk.  And looking forward to getting together soon for one of our own Photo Walks once the temperatures become tolerable again, perhaps in October.

Now it is time for me to seek some rest as I have been up since 2am and have a Photo Shoot this evening for a Fundraiser Event in Cathedral City.  But before I go, I will leave you with this photograph I captured.