{POTD} Thursday’s Thirteen

Sixteen years ago at this very moment that I am writing this post, I was in labor.  Yep, giving birth the natural way.  No epidural for this first time pregnant mom.  10 years later when it came time to deliver my second child, I was singing a different tune.

So much has happened during the past sixteen years and since today’s blog meme is Thursday thirteen, I shall demonstrate those changes through my photographs.

#1  This is Matthew, my first husband.  He was so thrilled to be a “Daddy”.  He would be so proud of the young woman his daughter is becoming.  Sadly, he died just 10 weeks later.

Daddy proudly holding his daughter for the first time.

"Daddy" proudly holding his daughter for the first time.

#2  This is my Aunt Norma holding Victoria for the first time.  This was indeed a special moment as they share a birthday always and forever.

Happy Birthday Aunt Norma!

Happy Birthday Aunt Norma!

#3  This is Victoria Skye crawling around on her first birthday.

Happy Birthday Tori!

Happy Birthday Tori!

#4  This is one of my favorite photographs of my daughter.  She hated crawling on the grass.

#5  I love the sparkle of complete happiness and surprise in Tori’s eyes as she celebrates her 4th birthday.

#6  My daughter used to be such a “ham” for the camera when she was little.  Nowadays she runs for cover.

#7  Back in the days when she didn’t care what she looked like or who saw her playing in the ocean, clothes and all.  These days she primps her hair while still in the pool.

#8  The funny side of Tori.

#9  This is Tori and her cousin Jessy a few years ago when we vacationed at Cottonwood Cove.

#10  Making friends and staying on the right side of the law.

#11  Havin’ fun at school.

#12  This is Tori and her boyfriend Ryan.  They have been dating for over a year now.  He really is a nice guy.

#13  My baby girl is no longer a baby.  She has turned into a fine young lady that I am very proud of.   Happy Sweet Sixteen, Victoria Skye Reiser.