{POTD} Photo Edits

Last week I finally got Pse7.  Costco had an awesome deal that no one could beat.  Try $49.  Last night I finally had the patience to sit down and try an editing technique I have admired in other photographs.  Selective coloring.  It was rather easy and I learned it works best on solid objects.

Then Laura over at dolcepics invited her readers to play with a photo and edit away.  I was in an editing mood so I decided to join in.  Here is the original.

My played version.

This photograph was edited in Photobucket.  At first I was going to turn the entire photo old but then the idea of fading the old into the present inspired me.  Like your seeing the tractor as it once could have been and how it is today, all in the same photograph.

If you would like to join What’s Your Play? then click on over, grab the original and show us your editing skills.

5 thoughts on “{POTD} Photo Edits

  1. Wow, that’s brilliant! And all done using photobucket? I’ve never used that to edit before. Very interesting. I really like your concept and your vintage edit is very believable! Thanks so much for playing!

    • Thanks for stopping by. I am glad that you liked my edit. At first I thought others might find it dorky but I figured if I explained my vision than others would see it too. I guess it worked. Looking forward to seeing what others create.

  2. What a cool idea! It fits, too — because the little town where I took this picture is pretty old, and all over the place there are these “then and now” type of pictures! Fun stuff!

  3. $49 bucks?!? That IS amazing. Even with a $20 rebate (which took half of forever to arrive) I still paid a whole lot more than that when I got it.

    The selective colorization turned out really well, and I love that back to the future feel of the tractor shot – really nicely done.

    Have a great birthday month! All the cool people were born in July, right?

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