Friday Fix It #18



I love Friday’s!  For one its the beginning of the weekend.  Then there is the Friday Fill-In meme which can challenge your brain.  And then there is the Fix It Friday meme over at i {heart} faces which challenges our photo editing skills and allows us to get creative with other people’s photographs.

So above we have the before shot.  And here {just below} is my first edit.  I basically cropped the picture because the window in the background is too distracting with all that light shining through.

First Edit - Cropping

First Edit - Cropping

And lastly, I decided to get creative with the cropped picture of went with a scrapbookish type edit.  This is such an adorable child that had so much to say without saying a word.

Creative Edit via Scrapbook

Creative Edit via Scrapbook

Well I hope you enjoyed my edits.  If you would like to play along, click on over to i {heart} faces and lets see what you can come up with!

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