{POTD} New Blog Header

The dawning of Wednesday morning is upon me.  The only thing I have to show for my late night of working is this new header I created for my Blog.  I am no different than other bloggers in my quest to showcase my individuality on my blogosphere real estate.  I am rather happy about my creation.  The only thing I am unhappy about is my ability to implement my changes into the CSS Editor here on WordPress.com.  Perhaps a good night of sleep and a few hours of uninterrupted time at my computer would assist me in my quest for I am too broke to hire someone to do it for me and determined to add another self taught label to my name.  Am I even making any sense?

Well my loyal readers, I ask for your feedback on this new Blog header.  What do you think, honestly?  I look forward to your valued opinions upon my return to the blogosphere after a much needed nap.  G’nite!


3 thoughts on “{POTD} New Blog Header

  1. Hi there! I’m here via SS and I tell ya, I can relate. I too, am creating a new look for my blog, it’s been a pretty rough ride. Creating my header has been one of the fun things though, and I like yours very much! I wish I can see it in bigger resolution! I don’t know you at all but you know what? I’m going to give a little bit of advice anyway, because for some reason I’m feeling brave. I like the word reflection because it represents so many things, reflective thought, reflection in a mirror, reflection of the soul. But refraction seems so scientific, in physics, light refracts but there is no poetry behind it. Would a better word be consideration? regard? introspection? contemplation? purpose?

    I’m sorry if I’ve gone too far, but sometimes I enjoy true constructive criticism.

    Have a great day.

    • Thank you my Shutter Sister for the advice. That is one reason I posted this and requested feedback. I want to make my blog a place where people want to visit often. I will take your words to heart and ponder on them while I teach myself how to edit CSS.

  2. i like the header! when will it be up? 🙂 wish i could help you out, since i am on blogger i am not sure how it works on wordpress.

    very beautiful picture used in the header as well.

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