Monochrome Weekly

This is my second week participating in the Monochrome Weekly Theme.  I have been purposely shooting some photographs in black and white this past week.  Now don’t get me wrong, I love photographs with colors that just burst out at you.  But there are times when a subject just calls for the dramatic touch of black and white.  The contrast between light and dark.

Sawed Off

Sawed Off

Earlier this past week I was at our local park when I noticed that the maintenance workers had recently sawed off one of this tree’s limbs.  It provided a nice contrast.  And I love the shape of what was left behind.  You can read the age of the limb by the rings left behind.

Have you tried taking photographs in black and white?  And it doesn’t count when you take a color photograph and take away its color.  The true art of black and white photography is when you look for subjects that have those high and low contrast qualities.  So I challenge you to go out and photograph in black and white and share your photographs with the rest of us over at Monochrome Weekly.  I look forward to seeing your images.


13 thoughts on “Monochrome Weekly

  1. You have the right idea about taking the picture in B&W rather than converting. Mono requires a different mindset.
    Better still if you use film.
    Nice subject, trees and stumps usually never fail.

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  3. I appreciate the subject and your seeing something there, but it looks a little flat to me. There aren’t enough shades of gray. You probably should do a little post editing to bring out the tonality and texture of the wood.

    • Thank you for the critique. I am still learning the monochromatic way of taking pictures and the advice is much appreciated. 🙂

  4. You are correct about some subject is just so nice if shot with film camera.Like you said,trees isn’t it beautiful in B&W.
    With to-day DLSR some built in filter for user to shot in mono:)
    Thanks for the visit of my blog.

  5. Beautiful – for me it is the texture on the bark that really stands out. And yes, I agree – I’ve only just started photographing in monochrome rather than converting from colour, shh! 🙂

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