{POTD} 6/19/09 Friday’s Flowers

Friday is here at last.  I survived one week {so far} with the kids home.  Will I make it through the entire summer {that remains to be seen}.  Today my kids, daughter’s boyfriend and I are traveling down to the Los Angeles area to spend the day with my mother and step-dad.  I figured I would travel today and visit early for Father’s Day so that hubby can have a Father’s Day at home without having to travel and deal with traffic.  Though he seriously owes for the diabolically that occurred on Mother’s Day {but that was last months story}.

So for today I will take a break from my on-line blogging friends and spend some quality time with the family while snapping pictures of the kids in the pool.  Sorry, I will not be getting into a bathing suit this summer season.  I leave you with a collection of flowers to remember the spring as summer is only a few days away and that means the summer heat will be on and the flowers will be gone.  Have a scent-sational

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