{POTD} 6/16/09

It’s been quite a day.  Better than yesterday, though I am posting to my Blog rather late today.  In fact, its almost Wednesday.  And there were no themes for today that I participate in so I had to find a picture.  I decided to grab my camera and my son and we headed to the park early this evening.  We both had fun, him playing with new friends, and I was content snapping some candids and composing a few photographs.

So as I sit here at my computer, listening to music to drown out the background noise, sifting through the 100 plus pictures I took today.  And there it is, the picture of the day.  How happy my son was to go to the park twice today.  Just him and his new friends swinging in the afternoon sunshine.  Made for quite a moment.

Shadow Play

Shadow Play


2 thoughts on “{POTD} 6/16/09

  1. Wow! That is very cool! You take great pics! I’m not very good at still shots- well actually I just take a ton of pics ’til one comes out good! LOL!

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