Monochrome Weekly

As I was completing my Blog Rounds man I feel like a doctor saying that I came across a pretty cool Themed Blog.  Naturally it was about photography which I absolutely love but this one is just for monochromed pictures.  As soon as I saw this I thought of some of the pictures I took this past Sunday at Joshua Tree National Park.  So for those of you visiting from Monochrome Weekly, I welcome you.  And for those you are not you are most welcome as well this is a perfect time to get in on the action.

Designed Tree

Designed Tree


9 thoughts on “Monochrome Weekly

    • Thank you for the kind words my desert friend. I too was drawn in by the design mother nature left on the joshua tree. I have a few more photographs I took. Perhaps I should post them on Etsy to sell. Thank you for the inspiration.

  1. Welcome to Mono Weekly.
    Whilst it is inevitable that colour digitals are converted to B&W, it is better to shoot in the B&W setting so that the participant thinks in how the finished image will appear regards contrast… it is contrast that makes the final image stand out.
    Some of us – too few – use film or print still. I admit to being a purist – it does not mean everybody should be.
    The important thing is to contribute and you have made a great start. Thank you.

    • With my new camera I am learning it is easier to photograph for the end result. I will be sure to shoot in B/W for the future. Thank you for the advice.

  2. Yes, mono weekly is a great project, I don’t always manage to achieve my vision, but I’m definitely learning a lot from the wonderful photographers there as I go.

  3. Sheesh, I completely forgot to say how much I loved the wavy lines you captured in your photo, almost like water swirling around on the wood.

    Who me? Self-absorbed? Ack…

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