Happy Flag Day

Yesterday while I was walking about my neighborhood while my son blasted past me on his Tonka bike there was a flag proudly waving in the gentle breeze that whips through the desert.  So this post is dedicated to America and to those who serve our country on a Summer Stock Sunday!

Proud to Fly the Red, White and Blue!

Proud to Fly the Red, White and Blue!

Just a little history of how Flag Day came about.  According to USFlag.org, the tradition of flying the colors began in 1885, when BJ Cigrand, a schoolteacher, arranged for the students at a Wisconsin school to celebrate the flag.  Throughout the years various entities carried on this tradition.  It was  until 1949 that June 14th was declared National Flag Day by Preisdent Trumen who signed an Act of Congress to this effect.


9 thoughts on “Happy Flag Day

  1. Nice to be patriotic, its not my flag, but its very well known, in fact one flies just 4 houses away from me, most days.

  2. Living overseas for so long I’d forgotten about Flag Day until the posts started popping up yesterday. Thanks for the reminder and the lovely photo :).

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