{POTD} 6/12/09

CJs Kindergarten Diploma

CJ's Kindergarten Diploma

When my son got home from school yesterday (Thursday) he was all excited because they (the kindie’s) got to eat lunch outside with all the big kids and play on the “big kid” playground, which he told me he is no longer afraid of. Where has the time gone!

Seems like only yesteday I was sweating through pre-term contractions while watching some lame action flick at the local drive-in theater with six weeks to the delivery date.  Flash forward back to reality and my last baby is moving up the school ladder to first grade.  They will celebrate this momentus occasion in an untraditional way.  No Pomp & Circumstance for these kindie’s!  It’s all about running wild and loud through the school sprinklers and then the teachers in their infinite wisdom will supply the children with various sweet treats and ice cream just before their departures from school on the bus.

I am so thankful to NOT be a school bus driver.  I can only imagine my worst nightmare the chaos the screaming and bouncing in the seats that will being going on during the ride home.   Rest assured my son will still be amp’d on sugar and the sheer joy of summer vacation beginning by the time he arrives home.  As my friend Giggles likes to say, “Bring on the little blue pill!”

I want to wish everyone a scent-sational weekend!


4 thoughts on “{POTD} 6/12/09

    • Yes, time will go by fast. My daughter turns 16 next month and is starting college classes next week during her summer vacation.

  1. What a proud (and a bit sad for mom?) day! My son starts kindergarten this fall, he’s SO excited to ride the school bus with his big sister FINALLY!

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