Picture of the Day 6/11/09

Earlier this morning as I read the daily influx of emails, a truck pulled up outside, and then I heard footsteps.  It was a delivery.  I started to get excited that perhaps FedEx had arrived a day early with the camera.  Suddenly the day was looking very exciting.  Unfortunately, it was just my UPS driver with a package for my hubby.

Speaking of hubby, I thought I would share the envelope my son brought home from school yesterday.  CJ made a Father’s Day gift as they wind down the school year.  I have no idea what is inside, CJ tells me, “It’s a secret.” so I will just hve to wait until dad opens it.

I Love Dad

I Love Dad

Happy Fathers Day

Happy Father's Day

Yesterday I ordered some personalized Father’s Day gifts on-line.  CJ helped me pick out a shirt for dad and he will get a matching shirt just for him.  I can’t wait to take pictures of father and son wearing matching “Tool Guy” shirts.  And for my step-dad I ordered a mouse pad personalized with a fun picture of the grand-kids.  Sure to bring smiles to all.

Wishing everyone a scent-stional day!

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