Picture of the Day 6/10/09

I feel lost and lonely today as I have no digital camera to take pictures with today.  But today’s picture of the day is a picture of the camera I have ordered as my replacement.  I can hardly wait til Friday.

Soon to be new toy!

Soon to be new toy!

Though I almost had a heart attack last night.  I ordered my camera on-line because I got a cool deal through Ritzcamera.com since I am a student of the New York Institute of Photography (NYIP).  Then I got an email and a message to confirm my order and shipping choices.  So I call up Ritz Camera and naturally “all operators are busy at this time helping other customers.”  Then the recording says I can chat on-line with a live person.  Cool, back to the Internet I travel.

Carol was a big help but obviously trying to hard at multi-tasking because she told me my camera was out of stock and would not be in for 3 weeks.  I instantly replied, “You’ve got to be kidding, the website said it was in stock!”  A few moments of cyber silence followed and now my brain is wondering how the frell I am going to take pictures of the graduation Friday night if I have no camera.  Carol immediately apologized to me when she realized she had typed that info to the wrong person.  Whew!

I guess the minor heart attack was worth it because Carol offered me the ESP at 50% off.  I told her it would be even better if she could give me 50% off my entire purchase.  Well at least I made her laugh.  As for well, I will occupy my non-camera time with reading since I just received my second Unit of lessons from NYIP.  By the time my camera gets here I will have a list of photographs to compose.  Aren’t you the lucky ones!


4 thoughts on “Picture of the Day 6/10/09

  1. Oh goodie, goodie! How fun. It will be so worth the wait once you have your new toy in hand! I’ll have to check back later to see your new pictures with your fancy new camera! 🙂

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