Would you buy a digital camera from Home Depot?

If you visit me regularly (if not then sign up for the RSS Feed) you would know that I’m working on getting a new digital camera.  I’m shipping the cameras I sold on eBay out today.  So I am still shopping for the best deal I can find for the camera I want.

I was watching a few sellers on eBay, and after reading some feedback I determined one seller was definitely NOT going to be getting my money.  $69 for 3 weeks shipping!  I don’t think so!  So I did a search on eBay for similar items and up comes a sponsored search result from Home Depot.

“Home Depot?”  I thought.  “You’ve got to be kidding me.”   A hardware/home improvement store selling digital cameras?  To me that’s like going to Ritz Camera for a lawn mower.  Just had to click through and see if it was true.

Sure enough, I am looking at Canon cameras being sold on Home Depot’s website.   Though I did notice that it is not the exact camera I was searching for on eBay.  They happen to carry a few accessories too.  This is just not right.

So I ask you…