A moment of silence please…

Well I sold my current digital camera yesterday on eBay. I have been wanting to upgrade to a better camera since I began taking the NYIP Complete Photography Course. But in order to do that I needed to sell what I had.

I’m not all that sad about selling the camera because I know what I’m about to get is soooo much better. I am sad because I will be WITHOUT a digital camera for a week or so till I get my new camera. This task is most challenging for someone who loves snapping candids and composing photographs. But, ohhh, just image all the wonderful images I will be able to create with my new camera.  I will just have to amuse myself with my new lessons I have just received from NYIP and make note of the photographs I wish to capture with my Rebel.

Alas, I will bid a farewell to my old camera, as I pack it up to be shipped across the country. I hope that its new owner will delight in the pictures they have captured.

Aloha Kodak! And ALOHA Canon! 🙂


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