What is the most photographed subject in the world?

No, the answer is not Obama.  It’s people!

Everywhere you look there are people.  People on the cover of magazines.  People on the front page of the newspaper.  People splattered all over advertisements.

People buy cameras to take pictures of other people.  Parents are goo-goo over their newborn children and so they take many pictures of just about anything their baby does.  Then there are the holidays, when families come together and everyone is taking pictures of everyone.  And let’s not forget that just about every cell phone bought today has a camera integrated into its electronics.

What I don’t get is why my daughter and her friends are constantly taking crazy pictures of themselves, up close or at weird angles yet she objects so strongly to me taking pictures of her.  And heaven forbid I suggest to my family that we have  a “family portrait” taken.   I wonder how a person who loves taking pictures (that would be me) ended up with a family who would rather I not take pictures of them.  The only exception would be my son who still thinks its cool for me to take pictures.  Give him time and I am sure he will be like his older sister.

I ask you readers, what do you photograph the most?  Share your answers and pictures


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